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Selected investments in Gurgaon

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Why Gurgaon

Today Gurgaon has a population of 12.5 Lac as against 2 Lac in 2001. The 2005 plan saw a figure of 4.5 Lac by 2011. The city is now preparing for a population of 42.5 Lac by, or much much before 2031. The 4 lane a side golf course road, the 14 kilometer 6 lane a side elevated corridor on golf course extension and the southern periphery, will merge with the 8 lane a side dwarka express way. All this while the NH8 is merely 4 lane a side. These roads and the metro rail  will encircle the city into a 42 minute journey. Distances will be in minutes and not kilometers. Gurgaon competes with the metro cities and is rated on the fifth position


It is not surprising that all corporate prefer Gurgaon for their offices , it is also emerging as North India's IT Hub. Gurgaon has the best ecosystem in terms of schools, hospitals, malls, clubs and already has 4 beautiful golf courses.  I am sure market forces will cure its pains and make it the millennium city. 


Wood Work for Homes


You now have the key and possession of your  apartment! Happy as you are, musing on  the current price of what you bought, shortly you would be in another struggle. It is the local carpenter that you will have to contend with. In such situations, you become the designer, the choice maker and more often than not, you would be buying the difficult raw material.You will have to make daily visits for supervision and the whole process will take 3-6 months.


Many changes and therefore costs are avoidable if you had a 3 D Layout,after we have carefully measured the apartment. We use German Hettich Fittings, Merino boards and laminates, which are then manufactured in an ISO 9001 Manesar factory.  These come as flat packs and are assembled in your apartment in hardly 2-3 days. We have a standard range called Prudence which is cost effective, because they are designed for minimum wastage. In case you want to customize as per your specs, the possibilities are endless. This is the Splendour range. 


  • Quick Execution
  • Merino Laminates
  • Hettich Fittings
  • Minimal Designs
  • Preferred Pick by Tenant
  • Hassle free Execution
  • Reduce Down Time
  • Better Rent

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About Us

Gurgaon Launches is a wholly owned subsidiary of IRG or Investment Research Group. We draw our macro research data from IRG. We supplement it with individual project ratings on 5 parameters. Our initial valuation is reevaluated by our panel of experts and then posted for your consideration


This business has no entry barrier. As we say jokingly that every body and his uncle even their neighbor is a broker. We are rather amused about the way people buy. A discount or a lower price is often converted having saved a car, a foreign holiday or home appliances. The best price and the best discount is some time our greatest folly as we tend towards inferior properties.

Our Team

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